Mission Statement

I believe that every aspect of a person: body, mind and spirit can benefit from receiving massage therapy. My mission as a Licensed Massage Therapist is to treat every individual according to their specific needs. Each session is customized to meet those needs by integrating various modalities of massage such as Swedish massage, Myofascial release and Neuromuscular therapy into each session. I am committed to my personal growth and continuing education as a massage therapist and to working together with my clients to promote their education and participation in this powerful self-healing process.

I decided to start this week’s blog with my mission statement. We see alot of these in several businesses but, do we read them? I think it’s important to and ask questions if necessary. It says alot about the service or product you are about to spend your hard-earned money on. I am a very detailed orientated person in all aspects of my life. I like to learn and fulfill goals. In the past, I used to take a great deal of things at face value when spending money but what do they say “older and wiser.” I definitely see things differently especially when it comes to my health. I wish you health and wellness always!

Clysta K. Clark LMBT #9593