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Q & A Time

What type of massage products do you use?

I use Biotone Massage Therapy products. They are hypoallergenic and Biotone is a trusted product for massage therapists. Hospitals use them too!!! They make lotions, oils and cremes as well as other products. I like them because they absorb quickly into the skin and as a therapist they provide a nice glide. Biotone products are paraben free, unscented and cruelty-free.


All sessions are by appointment. Here are few examples why ANEW MASSAGE sessions are unique.

1. Your time is valuable-I always want to honor that and I spend extra time with my clients during consultations and client follow-up that I never charge for.
2. My clients have my undivided attention without interruptions. I require this for every session.
3. Your time is scheduled and that is specifically yours. Let's get your next session scheduled before you leave.
4. Avoids that rushed/frustrated feeling no one wants before or after a massage!
5. You get the day and time that fits into your busy schedule first! 
6. No waiting to see if there is an opening. I post any cancellations/changes right here and I am just a phone call way! 
7. Walk-in disappointment-UGHHHHH who wants that! I want you to be satisfied with your time! Schedule today! 
8. I am never late! I can't wait to see you! I come into the office in plenty of time to prepare for your session-those warm towels are getting toasty for you!!!! 
9. I pride myself on client self-care. Let me give you information that facilitates. 
10. Finally, you are unique and your session should be as well!!!!!