ANEW Massage

Maggie Sashkov  May 9 2019 · 

Kit is amazing. She always makes me feel like a million bucks. My body is always thankful for her wonderful massage. I recommend her to everyone, you will not regret it. 

Lynda Tonyswife Pressley  December 6, 2018 · 

Today I experienced an amazing gift from my daughter. I had my first massage with Kit. I don’t think there is enough room on the page to explain what an Awesome experience I had. Kit is such a bright light in this world. You can just see and feel her goodness. The massage was amazing and I will be seeing her once a month! I have had a massage before but it was nothing like this. This is truly a massage personalized to your needs. Kit teaches you and learns from you the entire time. All I can say is GO TRY IT!! I promise that you will not be disappointed!!! 
Thank You Kit for all that you do.... you are a shining light in this world!!

Mandi Fusaro Morgan
  October 5, 2018 · 

Absolutely amazing! I highly recommend to everyone! You will not be sorry and you will love Kit! I will be a repeat client for as long as she will have me :)

Sherry Lynn Thomas - October 11 2017 

Kit takes the time to learn your body. She is very good at listening to what you need. I have been getting massages for years. She is top notch in my book. Giver her a try and you won’t regret it.

Wendy McCarty · July 14, 2017

Kit, the owner of ANEW Massage is such a knowledgeable person. She was very thorough in explaining to me throughout the massage exactly what she was doing, and why she was doing it. She made me feel completely comfortable. I have a new understanding of the power of massage after learning through my experience with Kit! Highly recommended!

Cindy Shehan Varner · August 10, 2017

Kit at ANEW massage is awesome! She ask what's up with you today, explains what she's going to do and then works her magic! Encourages me and explains things to do at home to help with my pain! She goes above and beyond! I truly believe she cares about each of her customers! So glad God put her in my path! Give her a call you won't be sorry!!

Angie Storey Thompson · March 31, 2017

I love Kit... she has made such a difference in my life with chronic pain. I see her once a week for one hour. It's worth every dime I pay. I can't take pain medications and Kit it my answer to many prayers. I struggle so much with back and neck pain but after 3 months I can say my pain is now managed by getting one hour a week massage. Kit is the best and she takes her time and makes sure you are well taken care of. She is very knowledgeable about Massage and the benefits and she is always going the extra mile to ensure you are getting the best care possible. Anew Massage changed my life. Thank you Kit.

Craig Burnette · August 19, 2016

I'm a 70 year old male and because I have been exercising regularly both aerobically and anaerobically most of my life, I was frustrated with chronic pain that was occurring in my right hip. While I have a high pain tolerance, it was beginning to be debilitating and hindering my exercise routine.I went to Kit and she gave me immediate relief which we both figured might be transitory at first. Sure enough it took 4 sessions over a three week period but during the fourth session when Kit had her elbow 6 inches deep in my hip :) it triggered whatever was there and I have been pain free ever since. Of course Kit showed me additional stretches to help prevent the tightness from returning, but I see her 2-4 times a month and man is it ever worth it. Thanks Kit, you are the best.

Vickie Ridings - December 8, 2016 · 

I have been getting massage for a long time an have had some nice ones . But when I found kit I knew I had found the one !! I felt so amazing when I got off her table , she is very knowledgeable about her work .

Kailee Blanton - September 24, 2016 · 

I have been getting massages for about 8 years now because of my multiple back issues. Recently I moved and my massage therapist took another job out of town so I went 3 months not a massage because it's hard to find someone that can meet your needs after having the same therapist for years. A friend recommended Kit and her prices were great, so I decided to take a chance! THANK GOD I did because Kit is amazing at what she does and now I'm a loyal customer!!!

Holly Mason - January 19  2016

I just wanted to give a shout out to Kit Hemenway Clark at ANEW Massage...
Fantastic massage
Fantastic work ethic
Fantastic customer service!!
If you are in the area, go see her...you won't be disappointed.

Gary Bott reviewed ANEW Massage — 5 star
Kit does a great job working on your tight muscles. After only two sessions my range of motion is significantly better! Very reasonably priced too!

Gwen Walker Yelton reviewed ANEW Massage — 5 star
Kit does an amazing job at working out the aches and pains. I've been getting massages from her for nearly a year now and she has never disappointed me. I would highly recommend you checking it out.

Lorrie N Jeff Large reviewed ANEW Massage — 5 star
The first massage I had with Kit was amazing! I must admit I was a bit nervous at first but soon found myself able to relax. A massage is a must for every wife/mother. Its time for yourself that is much needed and deserved. My problem is finding the time to do it. Kit is helping me in this area. I would highly recommend Anew Massage to all my family and friends.

Amanda Huston-Wood reviewed ANEW Massage — 5 star
Today wasn't first time ever getting a massage, needless to say I was slightly nervous. She was so friendly and made me feel so comfortable. I left there feeling so relaxed and calm, she is really amazing at what she does. I will absolutely be back!

Jill Roleke reviewed ANEW Massage — 5 star
The pain in my foot has been decreased by more than 50% since yesterday's massage. Wouldn't have thought that possible. Thanks Kit!!!!

Amy Bolick reviewed ANEW Massage — 5 star
Just had my first massage and it was wonderful!! Very professional and relaxing!!

Blake Crocker reviewed ANEW Massage — 5 star
This was my first "real" experience at getting a massage. I was definitely missing out! Kit has the right touch at working out the stress and joint pain. Room was lit dim and lite music in the background that really made you feel at peace. Will be adding this to my routine!

Heather Yelton Harris reviewed ANEW Massage — 5 star
Kit is amazing! Best massage ever! I highly recommend!

Sarah and David Rice reviewed ANEW Massage — 5 star
She is wonderful! Not only did she get me in the same day but spent time with me to address my needs! Thanks!!

Val Atherton reviewed ANEW Massage.
Kit is amazing. If you're in the Inman, Greenville, or Spartanburg area you should book you're appointment with her at Anew massage.

Melissa Behrens reviewed ANEW Massage — 5 star
Best massage ever! I will definitely make an other appointment.